Caring for Your Bones and Joints

Life can put significant stress on your body. Whether it's due to sports injuries, chronic illnesses, or the natural process of aging, these challenges can greatly affect your quality of life. The KDMC Orthopedic Clinic offers specialized care for your needs. Our skilled clinical team includes physicians board-certified in orthopedic surgery, plus nurses and therapists. Together, they provide comprehensive services from nonsurgical therapies and minimally invasive procedures to rehabilitation, all to help you recover and move with ease.

Capital Ortho AT KDMC

KDMC Orthopedic Clinic has an affiliation with Capital Ortho. The team at Capital Ortho includes 12 orthopedic surgeons and a host of professional staff. With the team at Capital Ortho, these experienced and trusted physicians will provide the latest, most advanced surgical and non-surgical treatment methods, specializing in sports medicine and general orthopedic services in Brookhaven, Mississippi.

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