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Did you know one in eight of the 1.5 million women living in Mississippi will get breast cancer in their lifetime? If detected early, the five-year survival rate is 99 percent. Mammography screening is still the best method for detecting breast cancers. To make your screening as comfortable as possible, KDMC’s mammography suite provides a warm, welcoming, spa-like environment staffed with caring professionals. Our suite is also equipped with the latest in digital mammography technology for more detailed, clearer images in less time. A highly qualified radiologist, a medical doctor with specialized training in interpreting diagnostic imaging, reads every mammogram and works with your referring physician to ensure prompt follow-up of your results. Ask your primary care or gynecology provider to refer you for an appointment.


  • Personal assistance in a spa-like environment to help put you at ease
  • Support from a caring professional staff sensitive to your needs and concerns
  • Screening that uses digital technology for greater patient comfort, and speed and accuracy of imaging

KDMC Mammography Suite

Phone: 601.835.9292

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