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Pregnancy Center

A Soothing Environment for Your Special Delivery

Every child’s birth is unique and special. At KDMC, our professional labor and delivery (L&D) team understands how precious the experience is for you, your child, and your family. We opened Mississippi’s first fully dedicated, single-room labor and delivery suites to provide you with an exceptional, home-inspired environment for giving birth, while ensuring the latest technologies and high-quality care are at hand to support the medical needs and safety of mother and baby. Every phase of birth, from labor and delivery through recovery and postpartum, takes place in one spacious suite, allowing moms and their families to be together without moving from room to room. Over the years, more than 10,000 mothers have chosen to have their babies at King’s Daughters Medical Center. We hope you will, too.



  • Nine luxurious, home-inspired L&D suites with soothing décor creating a relaxed environment
  • Garden tubs in each spacious suite, with rocking chairs and cozy couches for family to stay close by
  • The latest medical technology to ensure the highest level of care for both mother and baby
  • A self-contained surgical suite in case a C-section is required, plus a 24-hour nursery staffed by caring, experienced professionals devoted to giving your baby a happy, healthy start to life

Labor & Delivery


KDMC is proud to be baby-friendly designated and a part of Mothers' Miklbank of Mississippi