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The Heart of Hospice Champion of Excellence Award

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Heart of hospice staff

The Heart of Hospice Champion of Excellence Award honors elite healthcare professionals who have distinguished themselves in their dedication to improving the care for patients facing the end of life care. Each year, our team of clinicians is asked to nominate a recipient for the award in the regions we serve across Louisiana and Mississippi, Oklahoma. The nominees are then evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Provides care and services that are responsive to the needs and exceeds the expectations of those they serve
  • Upholds high standards of ethical conduct and advocates for the rights of patients and their caregivers
  • Promotes inclusiveness in the communities they serve by ensuring that all people have access to programs and services

Jan Thurman was selected for the Hospice Champion Award in 2018 because her work has helped transform end-of-life care in the Brookhaven area. She was the first person in the community that enabled Heart of Hospice to demonstrate the true value and benefit of quality end-of-life care. Additionally, she is an advocate for all of her patients, even those who are no longer in the hospital. Her dedication to providing patients with the best possible care speaks volumes about her passion and commitment to the community. We are honored to have Jan Thurman in the community and we feel as though she serves as a role model for everyone.