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Quality and Patient Satisfaction

King's Daughters Medical Center strives to be your provider of choice for your various healthcare needs. As a patient of King's Daughters Medical Center, we intend to provide the best in quality care, and meet and exceed your expectations. The standards of quality care you receive in a safe environment are because of this fact--we believe in the importance of sharing our quality performance data and information with you and our community.

Informed decisions about your healthcare usually lead to you--the patient--being actively involved in your care. This approach to healthcare ensures you or your family member can assist the healthcare professionals to develop and implement successful treatment plans.

King's Daughters Medical Center monitors how well we provide quality healthcare through processes and outcomes of care measures. These cause-and-effect reports show how we are performing, and what you can expect when you come for healthcare at King's Daughters Medical Center.

The process of care and outcome measures we monitor are:

Process of Care Measures:

  • Heart Failure Care
  • Pneumonia Care
  • Surgical Care

Outcome of Care Measures:

  • Mortality
  • Complications